Nutcracker Shopping Day Information

Cast list


First…Congratulations on your parts! The 2017 Nutcracker will be significantly different than previous years, so I ask a favor of you! Please do not “judge” the parts you received at this time. Parts that were originally small in other Nutcrackers may be much more impressive and entertaining than you remember, and you will not fully understand that until we begin rehearsing this September!

Here’s how I want you to read this…

  • First, open the "Cast List by Dancer Last Name" and find your name, notice what you will be performing each weekend.
  • Second, open the "Cast List by Role", this list tells you what your part entails and what group you are associated with. This information will be helpful when rehearsal schedule becomes available, so pay close attention to it!

Speaking of schedule…we are almost finished with the rehearsal schedule! We can not send the schedule out at this time. However I can give you the list of “Retreat Weekends” when Donna will be flying here from Atlanta. REMINDER RETREAT WEEKENDS ARE MANDATORY ATTENDANCE! We hit the choreography really hard with Donna. Missing is not an option!

  • September 15-16-17th
  • September 22-23-24th
  • October 13-14-15th
  • November 17-18-19th (19th rehearsal at the Orpheum)

The specific rehearsal schedule will be released soon (hopefully before the July 4, 2017 holiday). All other rehearsals will be on Sunday afternoons (1:00 PM - 7:00 PM approx).  

Lastly, please do not contact any of the judges or choreographers with regards as to WHY you received or did not receive certain part/s. It is important you trust the audition process and respect the final decisions of the judges. We will not be answering any questions about casting as we are all tired after a long weekend of recitals.

Again…congratulations on your successes!

Jackie Kriens with...

Jessica Rooney

Donna Whitesel

Sami Tomshack


Read the instruction above to open this file