Cecchetti program - children 8 years of age - adult

Dance Gallery of SD is the only studio qualified in Sioux Falls that can offer the Cecchetti syllabus under the certification of the Cecchetti Council of America. Our instructors that teach the Cecchetti syllabus have all been nationally examined and have been certified by the Cecchetti Council of America to teach the Cecchetti method.

“I have been teaching ballet for the past 25 years. Until I implemented the Cecchetti Syllabus and exam opportunities, I found myself struggling to get my students to progress at a rate in which they could be competitive in terms of getting into college dance programs, year-round ballet schools, and companies. After roughly five years of implementing the syllabus, I was able to see the benefits it was having on Dance Gallery students. Our students were getting recognition for their clean technique that is not often found in dance schools across the U.S. Shortly thereafter, a few dancers of Dance Gallery were able to audition and receive positions in year round dance schools, as well as receiving scholarships!

Needless to say, Dance Gallery is the only school in the region that is offering a well rounded ballet program, as well as employing instructors for jazz, modern, and contemporary that also understand the need for a strong ballet program.” - Jackie Pederson-Kriens

Find out more about our Cecchetti Program and the Examination Process here.

progression through the cecchetti syllabus

Taking part in learning the Cecchetti method is exciting and motivating! We have found many times dancers are so motivated they try to rush through the training, which is a mistake! Dancers develop at different rates, and it is always best to rely on the instruction of your Cecchetti instructor in terms of determining a dancer’s readiness to examine.

If the instructor feels a dancer is not ready to examine, we ask that as their parent or guardian you honor and respect the instructors decision. As your dancers instructor has gone through the proper certification required to teach the Cecchetti method.


Pre grade I for 8 & 9 year olds

This curriculum is geared towards 8-9 year olds as preparation for beginning a more intense ballet program, the Cecchetti program. Students will begin learning terminology, and theory used throughout the Cecchetti program. There is a heavy emphasis on proper body posture and boy alignment, feet and arm positions, and a basic understanding and love of classical music. Pre Grade I follows the Primary III syllabus developed by the Cecchetti Council of America.


1 Hour & 15 Minutes


Cecchetti Syllabus for 10 yrs – advanced

The Cecchetti Program begins at Grade I and allows students the opportunity to progress from Grade I-VII and Diploma levels. Students will be expected to memorize terms, as well as “barre” and “centre” combinations from a syllabus book. Student are able to purchase the book for the level they are working on in our store. The typical student will spend 2 years in each grade before being considered for participating in a mock examination. If the student passes their mock examination the student is required to participate in 5-6 weeks of examination prep classes leading up to the professional examination. When the students are prepared, a professional examiner will be brought to South Dakota to administer a nationally certified exam. It is important to note that the instructor will make the decision on when a dancer is prepared to take an exam.

Dance Gallery of SD is apart of the Northern Plain Committee of the Cecchetti Council of America and is the only school in Sioux Falls that offers the Cecchetti method. For more information on this method of ballet instruction, visit the Cecchetti Council of America national website.


1 Hour & 30 Minutes

Non-syllabus ballet - Children 9 years of age - adult


Non-Syllabus Ballet for 9 yrs-advanced

Non-Syllabus ballet classes are based off of the Cecchetti Program and the progression through that program. Emphasis will be placed on developing responsive suppleness and strength of the body, a conscious and artistic approach to movement, diversity, adaptability, stamina, and memorization, strictness in form and technique, whil allowing artistic expression, and application and appreciation of artistry in dance.


1 Hour to 1 Hour & 30 Minutes

boys ballet program - children 8 years of age - adult


Boys ballet Program

Boys 8 years of age and older interested in enrolling at Dance Gallery will be given the opportunity to participate in Dance Gallery’s Boys Ballet Program. Dance Gallery firmly believes in training boys in proper ballet technique. Ballet teaches self-discipline, self-motivation and self-awareness. If this is something you are interested in please contact us at info@dancegallerysd.com so that we can send you additional information regarding the program.

pointe program - by invitation only


Sur Le Pointe (by invitation of the ballet instructor only)

Pointe work is available as part of the intermediate and advanced class curriculum. The student must have several years of proper ballet training. It is required that students be enrolled in the pointe program enroll in a minimum of TWO ballet classes per week to prevent injury. The two classes must be a proper ballet-structured class, Cecchetti or Non-Syllabus Ballet. Students are required to pass their Cecchetti Grade II exam once their exam has been passed they are then eligible for receiving an invite into the Pointe Program by the ballet instructor. It is important to note that Dance Gallery will not place students on pointe before they are fully prepared.